Thursday, March 6, 2008

Almost Ready

The contract manufacturer sent pictures this morning of the first panels of T2-135, OT2m, and OT1+ SMT boards. Looks like no major problems so far - hopefully I'll have them by next week. I've got a growing stack of orders for the OT2m - I've been able to keep up with T2-135 demand through local production, for the most part, but the OT2m is too complicated to be worth doing here.

We all caught the bug that Tory brought home - she and Charlie stayed home sick today, and I've got the sore throat and cough, but not quite as bad as those two. I'm hoping that I'll be over the worst of it by tomorrow - got too much stuff to try to get done.

I got the USB/Bluetooth GPS data logger samples today that Stephen picked up. He happened to be in Taiwan already, so I had him visit Progin's headquarters in Tainan to talk to them about a new project (not ham radio related, and I'm keeping it under wraps for now) and put in an order for some assorted samples for him to pick up as well.

They're cute little gadgets, and they seem to work well. Haven't got the Bluetooth feature to work with my smart phone yet, but that's probably more the fault of the phone. Used with a laptop they'd be good for APRS, but data logging is what interests me most. The software will output directly to KML format for Google Earth. If they'll do 3D tracks, they should be great for hang glider and paraglider pilots.

Picked up 600-odd OT1+ cases from the print shop today. Now if I can just get the sequenced axial component tapes back in stock, I can build up a stockpile of kits that might last me more than a few days.

A new Tracker2 board layout designed for internal use with a 5-watt data transceiver went out to the board house the other day. With luck, I'll have the boards on hand in time to build one next weekend.

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